Anxious attachment style quiz - How Are You in Relationships? - Take the Test

Have you ever noticed you are dating the same kind of person over and over again? This might not be your imagination or coincidence....

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Anna ELAINESault Sainte Marie / USAI want to share it with you.Cloud Watchingfollow...
Kristen ESSIEKelso / USAThis quiz is designed to help give you some insight into your style of romantic attachment.Creampie (sexual act)follow...
Jacqueline KRYSTALMiles City / USAam just here to role with few friends, are you one of them? ok lets roleAutocunnilingusfollow...
Kimberly LEANNADes Plaines / USAOur free relationship attachment styles test can provide insight into your attachment style. Attachment styles predict a wide range of relationship tendencies:.G-spot vibratorfollow...
Connie HELENASouth Bend / USAa wise friend, strong and purposeful manMaster/slave (BDSM)follow...
Leigh BARBARACoeur d’Alene / USAAnyone here at all?Sensation playfollow...
Kristen LYNNEWindsor Locks / USAI'm single and looking for my right life partner to spend the rest of my life with!!Human furniturefollow...
Megan WENDYMissoula / USA

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Alyce ADRIANWarren / USAI`m insatiable of sexual emotions, I love sexy games with my man, dressing up, high heels, bringing colors to our intimate life.Golden showerfollow...
Sophie AGNESSummit / USAI am a calm and non-confrontational person.Dodilfollow...

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Research has found we typically have an attachment style—we connect with people in the same pattern over and over again. At one moment they can smother their partner, and at the next they can disappear for a day or two without explanation. When they are afraid of losing their partner, they can become clingy, possessive, paranoid, or need constant attention. What does my attachment style affect The following list is just a sample of what research shows attachment styles predict: Answer the questions as honestly as possible.


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Securely attached people have an easy time forming connections and have less doubt about the equality of the relationship. This quiz is designed to help give you some insight into your style of romantic attachment. I often need to be reassured by my romantic partner that I am truly loved. Without the help of a relationship therapist it can be difficult to observe our own behaviour and how it affects those we're closest too. With an understanding of both attachment styles you'll gain insight into your fundamental relationship compatibility.

The 5 Types of Flirting Styles.

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Anxious attachment style quiz

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The main attachment styles covered in this test are Secure, Anxious-Ambivalent, Dismissive-Avoidant, Fearful-Avoidant, Dependent, and Codependent. Find out. Take the Attachment Styles Test by Dr....