Catsexual na - Catsexual currently has a 96% win rate (46/48) on Nidalee in ranked solo queue

One reason i feel he is good at this is he played jungle nidalee very well before they gave her insane jungle powers. Now that she is given insane...

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  • ZAM Site Shutdown
  • Edit: About 2 months ago they suddenly just stopped streaming. A while later their twitter. [Catsexual] (NA). •...
  • Catsexual currently has a 96% win rate (46/48) on Nidalee in ranked solo queue...
  • For people wondering, an NA player called Catsexual is playing nidalee jungle....
  • This is his account. What the fuck happened to him?
  • Catsexual Lite |
  • iirc catsexual was playing nidalee jungle in challenger even before she got her is...




Purple wins 5 - 1 Blue wins 1 - 0. Purple's top outer tower destroyed. Maximum bonus physical damage dealt to monsters and minions is Blue wins 3 - 1. Sure you have a good score, but as you just said you can't carry 1v5.

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Catsexual na

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League of Legends Summoner data for I am Catsexual in na. Contains statistics, match data and more to help players analyze and improve. 19...