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Who better to demonstrate bar tricks than a cute girl bartender? Sexy Francesca shows you how to weasel your way...

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  • Who better to demonstrate bar tricks than a cute girl bartender?
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  • Match Sticks Bar Tricks « Wonder How To
  • I felt in short supply as it was, and instant I bring into the world to discuss...

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The tricks win you goodwill, but the puzzles win you good beer! The Eye of Hercules: This video shows you how to make a match stick rocket with match sticks and tin foil. The bet is that you can remove the coin without knocking the matches over. Maybe you just want to s The age old trick of counterbalancing a spoon and fork on a match on the rim of a glass.

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This video will teach you two easy bar tricks with matches and drawing that might get you a free drink with the right crowd. You will build a perfectly shaped ash stick where your paper cig used to be. With new players continu The thing that dro A pair of pantyhose is a

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Best match tricks

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Cool pub trick with a match stick. Your friends will stare in disbelief as you light the same match twice with...