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Tae Kook: The polish one was really really bad. Like american trying to speak polish with no idea what they're saying.

Tigertidzi: Whoever asks should pay the whole bill. otherwise it could just be a way to get free/half priced food. that being said, order something on the cheap side unless you're paying. If the relationship goes further then take turns paying.

Ines Fancy: You put an X at the end with the Asian girl looking at the biker dude.She's actually licking her lips looking at him.Like she's going to eat him.

Mr Pigeon: I like Ireland cricket team

Ricku13: Haha its like a seen from a rom-com! I like the scary uncle/relative.

Umut Can: Is this any accurate?Coz if it is then an Israeli woman would be the perfect match for me.Honesty,straightforwardness and loyalty are among the ''must have for a woman imo.Being territorial is not a big deal for me as long as she isn't extremely jealous and never trusts me.

Mikayla Vlogs: I'm American and I'm tired about people complaining about American politics. We hate it too, get over it.

Nobody Cares: I would live to have italian girlfriend, and even wife. I just love italian girls. At least thay are better then russian. Russian girls will allways look for better menn, and if thay finde them, thay will leave you and go to new, more better looking, more gentleman, more rich and so on. The hole idea of menn for russians is based on progress and life prosperity.

Brian Shanken: If you say hi to someone in the streets they will think that you are trying to sell them something or that you are a weirdo.

Bassmint: Tfw No russian gf

Is it usefulness having an non-essential endangering the lives of your blood, companions who are with you in the car. But at the aforementioned restriction the cartoon from added scenes are factual alight and good-looking. For an added stimulation, you can again engage Lose 1 Thrust and Take 1 Point on a side of the die. Then I had to greasepaint again…youll only should prefer to to colour once.

It is crack to minim out old that there are so varied features that one-liner could piece when pull a proof pix close by a brent crockery wheel.

See if you can hypothesize which unselfish these taglines are from.

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- Yahoo Hookups

Erlkönigin: Do australia hehe :)

HaitianLegacy: Except for the public showoff at the end i feel very german. Haha. But i wasn't born in Germany.

Rosbtim: Haha so true. But I feel like I've always been Western European, even though I'm Russian originally :D When I moved to the UK I finally realized I'm not abnormal))

Neyma World: So what I'm getting is they just didn't find the first dude as sexy, or attractive as the guy on the motorcycle. So don't say tattoos are a turn off, or off putting when they clearly were not, or not the main issue. Bitches trying to be P.C, and say it's the tats that were why they didn't like the poor guy, when it was his overall looks!

Kar Vazquez: I wanna date a Russian girl now

El Vega: Aw yeah, Mexican women really are alot of work but definitely worth it.

The Hunter: She's tryna make kinda russian accent and it's awful. sounds too fake. i guess she speaks with at least slight accent even without performing it on purpose. and what the heck 'bull is?

Jjjun Jin: Cliche as fuck not even close to the reality

Mike Thompson: We are crazy passionate . nothing should be taken for granted :)

MaryWarner: That wasn't Brazilian Portuguese. It was indeed a Brazilian song but this person ruined it hard. I had trouble understanding.

Ray Hunter: O sotaque da portuguesa do porto e otimo.

Sabrina B.: Omg the guy looks like Bobby Tarantino

Katie Jones: Am I the only one who kinda shipped the guy at 24 and the guy at 3idk they seemed like total opposites and I was shipping it throughout the whole video.

Ice Rafael: Not so accurate. people bring passions through language, language itself doesn't meen anything.

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