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Brian Cobbold: Indian guy did well!

SoccerPro101: I just never date out of my race and out of my ethnicity. Makes things a lot easier and comfortable.

Beserker0311: Crazy conservative nature its funny

Petr Novak: That was smooooth as fckk

Newsha Arezi: Whoever you are that made this awesome channel. You just gave me, the next adventure of my life.

Knackie Chan: So you go about touching people, just like that! o.o

Kerotoin: Even though a small part of me is Greek , I am exactly like that.

RussiaRuslan: Pretty sure that dude steve went to my high school. random.

Vanessa Lee: Puerto ricans are not latins. latin is a soutHern european. PR are mulatos from the caribbean.

gay Silence]: This video is funnier than usual. We'll hygge when I finish my beer nailed it ;)

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Javier Akinde: This world makes no sense anymore.

Candy Colombo: She looks older than he

Stephen Hunt: Basically just wear suite and you will attract the females. .

Boyfriend going on vacation WITHOUT me?!? should I be angry?

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If you are lone, start dating reiteratively.

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  1. Sounds like busy bodies bitching about how other people are living their lives.

  2. from ireland? where are you going in ireland? that's ever so exciting! :P hopefully you'll bring the sun with you from the sunny states! :P - Free christian online dating in south africa review...

  3. When someone get's robbed, you don't say, Hey wait, was their expensive TV in full view? If so, it's the victim's fault, not the robber's.

  4. How is she a whore? Because she is verbal about things that the whole world wonders about? I think she's fantastic!

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