Borderline personality disorder marriage divorce - Divorce With a High-Conflict Person

I stumbled upon this article today doing some research on profiles of Borderline Personality traits in marriages and divorce. One of the things that is unique...

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If you find yourself in a marriage with someone who is struggling with Borderline Personality Hash BPD , you already surmise from how rapidly situations can escalate for various unknown reasons. The disorder itself often forces those who suffer to create formlessness in their lives, and in turn that can impact their closest relationships and particularly their spouse.

If you have children, it is exceptionally important to adhere to the recommendations outlined below. The first order of business that is critical is in regards to the aegis of you and your children. Those struggling with BPD are often not in control of their emotions, and the excitable swings that they may joust with. Be sure to outline a safe place for you and your children, in the occurrence a safe place is needed.

Keep accurate notes and diaries regarding the communications that would rather occurred between you and your spouse. These notes will succour you recognize what is accepted on, and will not just help you retain your saneness, but they will also be critical pieces of evidence seeing that you to use in your case. You have clearly seen and learned by now, that mis-communication with someone who suffers from BPD can quickly escalate.

Typically, a parent comes seeking help because they are worried that the ongoing conflict with their ex-spouse is harming the children. The parent tells me the children are easily upset and become angry or withdrawn after a visit with the other parent. It may take one to three days for a child to return to normal behaviour. The child will say disturbing things: This indicates the other parent is coaching the child to become involved in the conflict and to ally with their side.

The parent receives a constant barrage of negative, hateful text messages that can start at six a. A phone call can turn into a long tirade of blame and lecturing. The conflict is constant, and the parent always feels defensive. An example would be:. A parent requests, in a phone conversation, that their son complete his school homework when visiting the other parent on the weekend, because the homework is due on Monday.

How to Divorce A Spouse With Borderline Personality Disorder

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  • How to Divorce A Spouse With Borderline Personality Disorder - Mitnick Law Firm
  • Marriage can be difficult when one spouse has borderline personality disorder. Here's what you should consider...
  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness marked by an you deal with a partner with a BPD...
  • From an outsider's perspective, someone with Borderline Personality Disorder can seem somewhat unstable, mean, spiteful, and childish. Protecting...
  • 'Barbara is no longer your wife and yet she is...
  • If you need to co-parent with a former spouse who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), it can be...
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We have worked on these types of cases, and they are difficult for all parties involved. You have clearly seen and learned by now, that mis-communication with someone who suffers from BPD can quickly escalate. A parent requests, in a phone conversation, that their son complete his school homework when visiting the other parent on the weekend, because the homework is due on Monday. The result should be a phone call that did not spiral into a heated conflict, and you are in control of yourself. The high-conflict person will show many of the following characteristics and behaviours:.

See a counsellor for advice. Try to get in touch with a calm, confident inner place where you know you have the right to be treated with respect.

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An example would be:. Those struggling with BPD are often not in control of their emotions, and the emotional swings that they may encounter. Unfortunately, many BPD sufferers are highly treatment resistant and Mary Kennedy had the material resources to obtain the very best psychiatric care. The emotional intensity of anger and hurt changes to a quiet resolve to move on.

If you have children, it is exceptionally important to adhere to the recommendations outlined below.

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