Hook up microphone to android - Audio Recording With a Smartphone

It seems like smartphones will do anything. But do they make effective sound recorders?

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How to Record Audio With a USB Microphone on Android

Connecting to nature...
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  • Stuart has an HTC Android smartphone and would like to connect an Can I use an external mic with...
  • Your android phone uses a form of socket (TRRS) that can...
  • How about connecting a USB microphone? In the past you could easily connect a microphone with the auxiliary port, but...

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Today I tried a Rode Lavalier Mic into my Samsung S7 and it worked fine, but want wireless, plus have three sets of Sennheiser and want to put them to work. I have recorded live rock concert material and birdsong using my Nokia and got excellent results, considering the differences in the source.

Just some minor corrections or differences of opinion for nature recording: I recently tested a couple of different mics on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5, and compared the results to a dedicated recorder. What the results show so far is that you are better off getting mics designed for smartphones rather than using adapters for regular mics. It answers almost all my doubts! Coming soon at you nearest blog or facebook….

Choosing an Android Audio Recording App

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Hook up microphone to android

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you can connect a USB mic like Blue Yeti with your Android. However, the default camera app didn't pick up audio from the USB mic. microphone preamp that allows you to attach any XLR microphone...