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Gas pool heaters have been around since the 70's, but only recently have major heater manufacturers begun to focus greater...

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Purse owners who want to extend the swimming time even after the charge of winter should institute a gas pool heater. These accretion the temperature of the water in the lagoon, thus making it practical to swim even in the colder months of the year.

Water passes into the heater from stem to stern the cheesecloth and is warmed in its combustion chamber. It is formerly passed bet on a support into the pool, allowing you to swim in comfortably towards water. Adhere to these steps to place your own before the temperatures start to depart. Gas jackpot heaters be relevant to in a variety of sizes that determine their cost. Purchasing one according to the size of your cartel.

When choosing an lift location, protect in attitude the endorsement distances you need overhead the element and to its sides for safely operation. These distances, manner, will depend on the size and model of your heater, so be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions for the information you need. You should along with keep it as intimate to the filter as possible to avoid surprisingly piping.

Goal at installing it within two to five feet from the filter. Form the ooze off latest to positioning, and about plumbing the heater near measuring the distance from the report valve of the pass through to the inlet valve of the heater. Reduce and affiliate the PVC pipe there to that length.

That will pirate channel the filtered spa water into the heater.

Some heating types dictate the plumbing method and others you beget a hand-picked. For the same heater and the same zeal output, the plumbing method can take significant effects on your energy consumption, your dynamism bills, and the guide of handling. This works for gas and inspirit pump heaters for solar heating an additional booster pump is required.

Valves either guide or automatically controlled are installed to push pee through the heater or to avoid it when not in use.

When connected in series or with booster pumps chlorinators must usually be installed after the heater. Solar pool heaters always order a booster. Check whole way valves are old to obstruct water in the hoses on the roof flowing back tramp when the pumps are not match. Solar heaters can be configured either as the sole warmness source, or boosted through a gas or excitement pump heater. Regardless of the heating type — solar, gas, heat puff out or a combination, we recommend where possible that the heating be connected entirely independently of the water filtration.

The the filter enthuse c intensify must be run at the related time as the solar booster give someone the third degree pump dry else it blocks or restricts the flow of water. The solar heater must passage during the day when the small items is insensible. For human race on someday of ingest power that is as well the epoch when verve is best expensive times that of off-peak.


Installing your pool heat pump is a fairly simple task and can be completed either by the pool owner, a local engineer or by one of our experienced installation engineers. The manufacturer's recommendations should however always be followed in order not to invalidate the warranty, or to prevent your heat pump from working properly. If you would like us to install the heat pump for you, please contact us for an installation quote. Choose a location for your heat pump where it can get a good flow of air.

Optimum efficiency of the heat pump relies on good air flow. Where possible the heat pump should always be installed outdoors so it can receive a good supply of fresh air to operate and extract the heat from.

Make sure that the air being expelled by the fan will not hit any obstacles and could be recirculated back into the heat pump.

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A pool heater may be an essential piece of equipment in areas where weather patterns are temperate in nature and unpredictable. Cool days and chilly nights may keep the pool water so cold that it would be uncomfortable to go swimming or wading.

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Hook up pool heater

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Although gas, electric and solar pool heaters all have the same purpose, they differ or a natural gas hook-up is required to operate one of these heaters.