Rizana nafeek head - Rizana Nafeek: Mother forgives over Saudi beheading

Her parents alleged that in order to get work in Saudi Arabia the date of birth was altered on Nafeek's passport when in reality she was under 18 when the...

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Then I read the execution order, and at a signal I cut the prisoner's head off," al-Beshi said. It was around 1. One policeman stood over her and brandished an electric cord. This earned her a reprieve from Police beatings. His blood counts for nothing, and His atoning death and resurrection is presented as pure fiction.

When news came of Rizana's execution, the Sri Lankan parliament observed a minute of silence as a show of respect. Rizana was 23 according to her false passport but was actually a teen ager of

  • Rizana Nafeek was a Sri Lankan woman convicted and subsequently executed in Saudi Arabia for the...
  • Rizana Nafeek , a young nanny from Sri Lanka, was beheaded by...
  • The philosophical importance of the above mentioned line has struck me greatly whenever...
  • Rizana Nafeek: Sorrowful Story of The Maid From Moothoor | adult-dating24.club
  • SRI LANKA - SAUDI ARABIA Sri Lanka's Rizana Nafeek executed

Saudi Arabia beheaded a Sri Lankan maid convicted of smothering an infant child, despite her being aged just 17 at the time of the offence. She had been accused of killing the four-month-old boy two years earlier following an argument with his mother.

Nafeek however, who was aged only 17 at the time of the alleged offence, insisted that the child had choked to death on milk during a bottle field. The Sri Lankan government appealed against the death penalty but the Saudi Supreme Court upheld it in Support of brutal, pure religious evil.

The ruling elite in Washington have blood on their hands. These hypocrites cover up crimes against humanity in the Islamic world.

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Roxxxy The execution took place in Damami, a town about kilometres west of Riyadh. The young Muslim woman was...

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Rizana nafeek head

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The mother of beheaded Sri Lankan domestic worker Rizana Nafeek forgives those who she says wanted her daughter to be executed in Saudi. Saudi Arabian government beheaded Rizana...